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Chest and upright freezers from Advance Refrigeration

To economically feed a family these days, you have to take advantage of sales, and buying in bulk from the "big box" stores. You might also buy your meat from a butcher shop in large parcels, allowing you to get the best cuts of meat at better average pricing. No matter the reason, having the extra storage space afforded by a chest freezer or upright freezer can help tremendously. No cramming the food to the back, and forgetting you even had half of what you bought.

Each style, chest freezer and upright freezer, has its advantages. The chest freezer does take up a larger floor footprint, but will lose less cold air when opened, saving on energy costs. It's also generally a little less expensive than a comparable sized upright freezer.

Chest freezers, with their more upright stance, are easier to fit into your house, whether in the kitchen, mud room, or in the garage. A smaller footprint means many more options for placing it. They also keep your food more visible so you have a better visual of what is in your freezer when you open it. This helps you not discover that pot roast that somehow made it a two years without you even seeing it. However, there is usually a bit higher price tag on an upright freezer when compared to a similar size chest freezer.

No matter which way you go, the extra storage will allow you to keep your family stocked with food at the best possible prices. Advance Refrigeration has all the best models from the top appliance manufacturers like GE, Amana, KitchenAid, SubZero, and more. Before you buy anywhere else, contact one of our sales professionals. Our low prices, combined with a knowledgable sales staff, personable customer service, and top notch service staff wll make your purchase from Advance a breeze!

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