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Gas and Electric Cooktops from Advance Refrigeration

The kitchen is frequently the most used room in the house, and kitchen appliance design is making this room one of the most beautiful and astheically pleasing places to be. It's not just about the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. It's now a room that can hold its own just from a design standpoint.

One of the appliances that has helped develop the kitchen asthetic through flexibility and creative design is the cooktop. Think of it as a range, without the oven, the bulk, and the limited spaces into which it can be installed. Gas and electric cooktops can now be installed at most any point on a counter surface, even into kitchen islands. This flexibility allows you to place other appliances where they will best serve you, and still give you easy access to your cooking surface.. Creatively, the layout of a cooktop is not restricted to a four burner square, as is the case with most ranges.

Advance Refrigeration has been installing and servicing gas and electric cooktops for our clients since they first came on the market, and our expert installation and service departments are factory-trained so you can rest assured your appliance cared for the way the manufacturer meant for it to be.

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